Another day partially spent outside. I planted 2 teeny tiny blueberry bushes, some dahlias, and trimmed weeds back around the figs because the new leaves will be opening soon.

The favas are blooming despite my ignoring them all winter long, the flowers, like peas, are so pretty and a wonderful surprise.

Yesterday I did some pissing in corners. One of the plans is to plant a row of Leyland Cypress along the back perimeter of our property, which butts a street. For newer readers, our yard is a popular cut through from one street to another for teeny-boppers and punk rats. It is also a popular dog park for yuppies in the neighboring condos. Somehow the irony of their like-mindedness is lost on them, though. For me, well, our dogs bark at people who walk through the yard then we get yelled at for the dogs barking. Not a pleasant experience, one I'm trying to avoid. So I'm planting territorially.
Thorny shrubs, sharp little hollies and Leyland Cypress around the perimeter. Bit by bit I will passive aggressively plant my frustrations away.

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lisa solomon said...

fava beans are amazing. and so yummy! we didn't plant any this year... [they are so good for the soil too!]