Color me beautiful

Last night I dreamt of rain. . .turns out real raindrops were just soaking into my psyche. It's a gray, dreary and drab day here, so what better chance than to turn my attentions to Print & Pattern? They've used this week to document at great assortment of kids patterns on toys housewares and clothing. There is nothing quite as cheery as soaking in some Eric Carle! If he can't take you back to simpler times, well, we need to have a chat.
Or how about the Ljunbergs Textiles Holly posted about over on Decor8?
I'm working on more CIYs (color it yourself) for my store and over on etsy. But if you're one of the lucky recipients of The Sampler you just might get one in your April subscription! (There is also the cutest coloring page, as seen above, sponsored by Fred Flare over on The Sampler's site.

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