I noticed You Grow Girl is on sale on the Urban Outfitters site for $12.00
or you can get it on Amazon for about the same price. . . or way less, depending upon the seller.

And as always, available from Superfantastico and get it autographed when you order your "I heart dirt" shirt!

BUT now is the time to get it, 'cause you're gonna have a lot of unanswered questions this spring with gardening season rapidly approaching!


Anonymous said...

It is warm here and I have started planting flowers. Arizona. What luck. Well, then hell hits, literally. 120 here we come....

Unknown said...

Thanks Renee! I didn't know they were selling it at Urban Outfitters. Nutty. It's $7.98 at Powells because they have a load of back stock from before the price change.