Hootin' N Hollerin'

Just wanted to take a moment to point out some clicks of interest:

Have you seen the new Modish Giveaway? Lovely, lovely goodies! Notice Lisa's lovely earrings? Tempting enough to make me want to pierce my ears again!

Vanessa commented about my Jesus picture. In brief, the image is from an Asian imports store, it came framed in a very ornate, hollow, plastic frame. I made a very rough mold of the original frame, then cast it with pulp made from water putty and paper ephemera from a particularly frightful post Sept 11 flight I took (when the US was subjected to terrorist warnings left and right.) It's called: The closest I've ever been to God is on an airplane. Here's another, less sarcastic, religious piece I worked on.

Read Vanessa's post on religious iconography. (As an aside, I did a project a while back that involved 15 people subjecting themselves to what I considered art. They were all very willing and able helpers, but I was dirt poor. I found some Virgin Mary night lights at the dollar store as a thank you for them volunteering to help out. I still have mine, I wonder if anyone else has theirs?

The rug never came. The bedroom is in limbo, as is the hall floor and any other projects we began pre-bag making bonanza.

Did anyone else watch Oprah last night? She and Nate waxed poetic over living in small spaces and the satisfaction living a minimal impact life can have. I watched because I wanted to see the Gillingham-Ryans, it was all a bit dull to me because as they chatted, all I could think about was Oprah's house in Hawaii. . . and that her Santa Barbara guest house is twice the size of my very spacious 3 bedroom house. I can't really give her that much street cred for "living small." Is it really bad not to believe Oprah has all that answers for a meaningful life??


Anonymous said...

I think it is bad "to Believe" Oprah has all of the answers to all that stuff. You made that frame??? Wowsa. You are good. Yep, looks like you have a hole in your floor. Not funny I guess?? But you seem pretty wonderful. Does that help at all??

lisa solomon said...

oh you are so sweet. i could make you a pair of non-pierced ones!! i took those off my site, but i've got a few of those beads left... let me know...

sorry about the rug. ugh.