Will wonders never cease? Doorprize 4 and more

Through Tiny Showcase I found the amazing OKOK Gallery. (Every time I say OK, you say OK, OK?***)

OKOK represents a handful of artists whose work runs the gamut of pricing, but all of whom are incredibly talented and create the highest caliber of work.

***Which brings us to DOORPRIZE 4: If you can tell me where this quote came from, you'll get a priority box mailed to you that includes vintage goodies, an original drawing by me, and surprises galore!


Unknown said...

I live not too far away from Ok OK, but I've never been. I've known about it, and I've wanted to go, I just haven't gotten around to it. You've motivated me to actually go!

I try not to take it for granted that I live in such a vibrant city. Thanks for reminding me.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Hmmm. . . I don't know if it was actually in "Get Shorty" I was referencing a (insert small hint here) TV show that is, to me, even more hilarious as an mp3. . . so no visuals necessary. I'm sorry for being so cryptic, someone has gotta know this one!