Bits and Pieces

Thank you all for the kind thoughts about my little boy. Wolfie is still throwing up. He seemed much better yesterday (he's so playful all the time, even while sick!) so I didn't take him to the doctor. He is going today, like it or not. And the mister has the awful cold-flu thing again. Ugh!

The cluttered and disparate bedroom is the next project on the agenda.

OH THE HORROR (see before-ish picture below)
*No, the tv stand isn't how we keep it(wooden boxes stacked on a table?? no way!) We were just deciding what height was best for a tv in the bedroom, you know, maximum comfort to minimize neck cramps.
*The table part of the tv stand is actually the other bedside table. Bad mis-match; doesn't work at all with the lighter colored one.
*There is an overflowing clothes hamper, do you see it?? (How can anyone miss it??) Everything will be washed and there will be a great clothing purge this weekend. One of the downsides to thrifting is finding sooo many clothes. Just because it is fun or funny doesn't mean I have to buy it. And on that note, hopefully, the yard sale will be in full force this weekend.
*The bed may end up getting painted again. The green doesn't seem cohesive with the rest of the furniture now. I'm waiting for Charlie to build us a bed, so this one will be the make-do in the meantime.
This picture was taken the day before the new end tables arrived, so there has been some cleaning and getting rid of stuff, though, obviously, not enough!

*The curtains are fabric shower curtains that were on clearance at one of the big box home stores. My mom bought them for me at $3 a piece. She actually bought me several different designs and some gorgeous tablecloths because of their design. I'm not sure which ones will be the curtains when all is said and done.
*The image to the left is a baby step toward progress. The new nightstands ($120 each) are in place, and I put the new Marimekko sheets (clearance on CB2!) down. They were so crisp and clean, it was like staying in a hotel!
*I also got the new spherical lamp from
Paper Skyscraper here in Charlotte. I don't know the brand, but it was $30 and I love it!
*The dresser is a mid-century Danish-style score from Goodwill. If only you could see it under the mess.
*The walls need color. What is a good color??


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful. I love your site and your design sensibility.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Thanks Patti, and thanks for checking my little blog out! I just checked out strollerderby and what an incredible site! Even though I'm not a momma to people-kids it was still fun to browse and see all the cool designy stuff.