What the next couple days hold in store

Ahh the weekend. Just 8 hours away. I'm on my first cup of coffee for the morning, ready to jump into a day of workplace duties. What the next couple days hold in store:

Tomorrow I start Weight Watchers with my mother. I need is the inner-desire to get the big trek started. And to stop eating cookies when they cross my path. Mmm, I love me some cookies. I'll break up with them this weekend though, and start swooning some spinach.

I might get around to giving my pile of interesting reads some good good loving.

I'd really love to paint the bed. Black, or steely gray.

Prepare for the rug. Actually my Chiasso shipment arrived yesterday, but they sent a 5 x 8 rug rather than the 8 x 10 that I'd purchased. I should get the correct one on Tuesday. Cross fingers for me, please.

I've had some offers lately for incredible opportunities, which I alluded to yesterday. The BIG one I should find out about by Monday. I hope. Keep fingers crossed for me, maybe cross them harder (does that work??), send wishes my way, lend me any Karma points you might have, prayers, dances, and anything else that might help. I'm not dishing out the goods, though. All too often in the past I've celebrated too early and set myself up for disappointment. Lesson learned, gods of the ebbs and flows of life, I will not taunt you anymore!

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Anonymous said...

my fingers are crossed for you dear rennee! i hope it works out!