The rug came last week (did I already mention this?!?) but it was the wrong size. That pushed the bedroom down a spot on the priority list. The mister decided he was ready to retile the room he uses for product shots (he's a photographer, did I already mention that?!?) so we went to the Habitat store and scored a ton, well actually about 700 pounds, of tile to refloor that room. All for $75.00.
It's a gorgeous terra cotta tile meant for patios (with concrete underneath) that reminds me of Europe, so I was all systems go for this little project.
In this particular room there was carpet, which had to be pulled up due to a long story involving ill-draining gutters. The carpet came up a while back and there was what appeared to be a strange peachy-flesh colored subfloor under the carpet padding. Not really an acceptable floor, it was cracked and peeling and generally ugly. We knew that if we tiled over this enigmatic flooring the tiles and grout would not be very stable.
Up comes the scary peach stuff, and that's when we found out the upstairs floors are actually a golden white oak color, and not red oak like we'd thought. (As another in a long series of asides, the downstairs is all red oak and gorgeous. The upstairs floors looked odd, and now I know why: they're stained to match the red oak.)
Scraping up linoleum originally laid when the house was built (1950s)is no easy task. It has involved paint scrapers, putty knives, a hammer, screwdriver and all sorts of glue solvents. Most of all it requires elbow grease, which is good, because the day of the floor was also my first day at Weight Watchers.
I'll have no problem getting some arduous exercise with this task!


Amy Urquhart said...

Isn't the Restore awesome?

lisa solomon said...

oh so much work! wow.... the end is going to be fantastic though.... wow!!