House of Craft

I'm still sniffling my way through phase 2 of this cold, I slept half the weekend away, and yesterday was spent crafting. One outta three ain't bad, I suppose!

Sunday's breakfast: french toast, cranberry syrup (YUM!!), and orange/carrot/ginger juice (double YUM!!) followed up by an intense vitamin regimen, because this cold is not going to knock me out for a week straight like it did last time.

I had great and wondrous plans for the house (paint the bedroom, finish tiling the bathroom floor) but my sinuses said no.

On Thursday, two significant creative opportunities peered up at me, both requiring a little bit of work I thought I could finish up by Saturday. Said opportunities will not be described out of fear of jinxing myself, though. And, once again, my sinuses laughed in the face of any self-imposed deadline.

One project , however, has required me to catch up on documenting some of the products I'd made and sold through the holidays, which will be going up soon on my etsy page.

The other is getting back to melting vinyl and making purses. I'm working on some prototypes, but am not to set on either of them yet. I need a super hip, easy to make purse design. Wish me luck!

Oh! And Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to you all!


http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Oooo, the breakfast, the vinyl..Wow, can't wait to you are well, if you are this busy ill, well must be outrageous!!!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Can I just say that your breakfast sounds so delicious. I am inspired and hungry!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

I just love weekends now. Living lazily and peacefully, having all the time in the world to create.
I have to get it all out to stay sane!
I'll send you some other virtual and tasty concoctions this weekend!