Coppin' feels in the bedroom

Still looking for a color palette for the bedroom. Sophisticated, mid-century, funky, warm, inviting, relaxing, personal with personality.

Yesterday I tried a square of California Paints "I'm a local" yellow.
Not the feel I'm looking for in a bedroom.
ColourLovers (middle row middle image, though this image is missing 2 essential colors), please rescue me!
Andyland (top row far left) via Lena Corwin (bottom row, far left) offers Scandinavian artwork at reasonable prices.

Domino Magazine offers an idea gallery for decorating. Although some of the fabrics used are way out of my price range, vintage, more affordable offerings can be found at local thrift stores.
CB2 also has some wonderful and affordable wall hangings from my favorite-ever Marimekko (middle row far right image).

Johnny-Tapete (top row middle image, bottom row middle image) is a bit unpredictable if you are counting on English translations from their native German, but the vintage wares are gorgeous, the prices are low to middlin' and the wallpaper designs are comparable to the high end stuff I was swooning over yesterday. These are the vintage originals that must've sometimes sub-, sometimes consciously inspired the most interesting designers today.

Which one do you prefer?

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