June and July

Well, folks, 2 more months to post after these, and those 2 will go up tonight! What a fun process this has been for me, and now I get to do all the tedious assembly work and then the (very fun!) wrapping and giving part!

I really dislike the process of finding "suitable" yet meaningless gifts. This year I've made some things, but still feel like I need some other things to add to the homemade goodies. Part of that is my own insecurities of my work, but part of it is that I want to show how much friends and family mean to me. I still haven't reconciled the tradition of spending money and the original thoughtfulness and symbolism of the holidays.

I have been thinking about the calendar pages and I have decided to offer readers the pages as emailed JPEGs if you would like them without the small print at the bottom. Just send an email request to renee [dot] garner [at] gmail [dot] com (without, of course, the spaces and brackets and the dots and at as symbols). I'll be glad to send em, it might be just me, but I feel like the type at the bottom detracts a little bit. I just didn't want people on flickr to steal my images.

However, after the chaos of the holidays subside, HeatherJeany and I are going to collaborate on some Gocco prints! I love looking forward to artful projects, and can't wait to see what happens when we merge our styles and ideas!

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Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous, Renee! Love June :)