January and December

After this only four more months to post, folks! I've surprised myself with the attention span I've used to get these done, in between free lance design jobs and general life, simply because I don't have much of an attention span. But it's really great to get back into drawing and art making, and it feels right, sometimes it can be a big struggle to force myself through creative blocks making awkward pieces and wondering where the good stuff is and if I'll ever tap into it again. This is all thanks in part to the amazing, creative, supportive, and inspiring great big blog world out there!
(I don't think the December drawing is too hot, but Charlie liked it. If I have time, I'll do another. January, however, is my favorite so far!)


Anonymous said...

I agree with your man, the December picture rocks!
I feel guilty printing out all these intricate pictures...I feel like I should be paying for all that detail. Will you ever sell 'em?

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Ha, ha, no Taryn, I won't sell them this year. It's a good excuse to make stuff, but also will be my Christmas present to everyone around here.
Please don't feel guilty! It's always good to get feedback, and even better to know they're being printed and used!