Amaze and astonish your friends this holiday season, Part 2

Are you, like me, are sitting at your desk reading crafty blogs, itching to get home and work on your own projects? Sneak in a little bit of time to make your own wrapping paper there at work. Pssst: I won't tell if you use a little of the printer toner, at least you're reusing waste paper!

1. Create your pattern. These designs are from Word and use fonts: Directions, Holidays, Montype Sorts, Parties MT, Signs, Transport and others. Repeating letters, symbols and words will make your life a lot easier.
2. Change your margins to leave as big of a typeable space as possible.
3. Repeat the pattern as many times as you can to fit on a page. I
4. Dig out paper from recycling that is suitable for 1-sided printing.
5. Load into printer so it will print on the blank side. Print as many sheets as desired.
6. Wrap to your heart's content (or until everything is wrapped)
7. Adorn as desired.
8. Give your personalized gift wrapped gift to a loved one.
9. Once ripped off in a fury of excitement, put the paper back in a recycling bin for its next life.

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