Yesterday I was comment spammed. Some long rant about religion and how Santa Claus is satanic. Their argument was brilliantly solidified by pointing out the obvious similarities of the two names: Santa/Satan. Charlie wondered if that also meant saints, when named in Spanish, are also Satan. One can only wonder.

I finally got most of my little cabbage babies into the bed (8 still await their fate) yesterday, pruned and tried communicating with my neighbor from Greece who knows limited English. We've had very limited talks, mostly consisting of a smile, a brief "hello" and "no English," which I took as her letting me know she doesn't speak English.

Yesterday this lady in the pinafores disproved my belief in just how limited her English is. I pruned a bush way way back and turned around to sign in an awkward kind of man-I-wish-I-could-speak-Greek way, to see if I had pruned it back far enough.

To further clarify the situation, the bush is in our yard, but it is right beside the neighbor's door. She is older, though very able, and it was somewhat frightening to her to come out her side door to the bush. It could very easily hide a person. . . or several. It was grossly overgrown.

So off I went to valiantly hard-prune this bush, and I wanted to ask her if it was cut back enough. I was okay with giving it a dose of tough love, but wasn't quite ready to kill the sucker off completely, yet. So what does K do? She nods her head and says, "Good job! Thank you very much!"

Thank you sure does mean a whole lot more when it comes as a total surprise!

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