Bad news first

Eleven years I've been vegetarian. Longer than that, I suppose, but at least 11. Well, okay, twice I had fish while we were in Portugal. I rationalized the experience, though will not likely repeat it. It was difficult to do, I "honored the fish" for what it offered me.
Today I walked to my favorite burrito joint (where they offer tofu as a "meat" option), walked back to the office, sat down enjoy a beautifully wrapped tofu and pintos burrito (no rice, no cheese, add guac) took a bite and half a second later, spit it out. They gave me a beef burrito. I nearly vomited. And now, really, I want to cry. I threw away a piece of what was once a living animal.

I went to ease my guilt with a cup of ginger tea. I'm out. Can I go home and crawl back into bed now? Please?

and. . . oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to chocolate. UGH.

But here is The Sneak. He always makes me feel better, my little, irresistible marshmallow.
Hello my little Sneak. The world is so much better with you around.

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mipmup. said...

oh my gosh - i'm sorry! that happened to me once - it was chicken and i was traumatized, too.