Lashing-on lash back?

The Free People blog (top row, far left) pointed out Lisa's gorgeous installation (bottom row, far right), which reminds me of those kits for delicate, vintage string drawings from the 70s (I hope I'm attributing the right era!). And Poppy Talk's Snowflake screened cards (top row, far right) are delicate enough to be mistaken for a fancy doily! OhJoy pointed me over to Julianna Swaney's Oh My Cavalier! (bottom row, center). The top row, center, and bottom row, far left are my own drawings from the past week.
The drawings are on waste paper from work and explore my memory, beautify the discarded, and generally give me a chance to meditate through drawing.

All of these images, my own included, make me wonder if there is a lash back to the popularizing of textiles and craft by drawing the intricacies of the sewn object. Reading Subversive Stitch, albeit slowly, is a great way to jolt me into remembering my initial connection with fibers and why I chose that as my college major. The creation of these objects, now by choice rather than living up to social status, is a way to subvert the historical definition of feminine.


Jan Halvarson said...

thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee! I don't mind at all. Thanks for the mention! I never know the rules about reposting other people's photos either. I figure if I'm saying something positive and document where it came from, who could get mad? Thanks for commenting and introducing me to your blog!

lisa solomon said...

why would we mind???


i love seeing how we are all connected...