The Ginger and Mary Anne Complex

Last night Hi-C and I caught half of Lost, which has all the qualities of a hit prime time show: chock full of sexy people in clingy clothes and all that. Seems pretty good for a veg out and not think sort of fantasy break from life. We caught a bit of the steamy "big surprise" love scene (I call it that because we were not supposed to guess the 2 characters would get together, right?)
I've never seen the show before, so I was lost with Lost, but here is my question: The guys are all stubbly and prickly but in this particular scene, the girl reaches up and grabs a jail cell bar in a moment of heat and passion. . . and she's cleanly shaven. Not even a speck of dirt in the folds of her skin. Amazing!! If I could find a razor that would shave and out last getting lost on an island, I just might start shaving again!

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Anonymous said...

Ha - she was allowed a shower and shave two or three days before that scene - they've been on the island for like 49 days or so, yet all the girls have shaved legs and no one seems to be in need of "feminine products" except a pregnancy test which apparently was in somone's luggage.