Not So Secret Prize: Take 2

Somewhere out there, there are readers with kids. . . be it 4 legged ones or 2, and I have a special gift for you! Nobody took me up on the free seeds, so I thought I would at least try again. Please, let me feel loved?

The first 5 readers who respond with the name of their favorite independent artist, and where you can find their wares for sale, will receive a package in the mail.
When you comment, let me know who and where, if you have a baby at home, and what type of baby it may be. . . cats and dogs, included!

EDITED TO ADD: Blogger wasn't shooting me an email (like it used to!!) when comments came up! Ack! I'm so sorry. I think I just enabled comments all the way back to friggin' July!


Tina said...

But I did repond to this. I did, I did! lol. I thought you were just dissing me, but maybe you never got my comment? I left me email-sewobsessed@g_mail.com. Just without the underscore. (hate the email harvesters!)

Door Prizes: Week 1

This might be fun. . .
The first 5 people to leave a comment this week will receive a door prize for stopping by.
This week it will be a mixed package of 8 types of seeds, some more unusual than others, bu tI won't tell you what they are. Yes, they will be viable and not old stuff I haven't gotten rid of.

If you're up for freebie seeds, stop in and say hi!

. . . And don't forget to leave me a way to get back in touch with you!!

Tina said...

Ok, maybe something really IS wrong with this thing...try 2

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Ariane of City Girl Designs responded in another forum and said, 'Ack! i can't post a comment to your blog because i don't have a blogger account!!! i don't have kids, but my little almost 4 year old cousin is a sweetheart and i'm sure she would loooove a package...

if you can take this as a 'comment', then i would have to say one of my fave designers would be small things designs...i've been coveting that stuff for ages, and when i have some cash to burn, i am definately going to treat myself!'

Sorry guys, I hadn't realized I'd enabled the comment moderation (well, I guess I just forgot that I did that) because of Spammity Spam. Now anyone can comment.
Boy, I hope the html in that comment above works or I will be very embarrassed of my coding skills.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is merwing's shop:
love those fat kitties
(I have only one cat - Killer ran away).