Oh Joy mentioned (in yesterday's?) blog a company called Superdeluxe. She showed a gorgeous image of their peacock designs, so I took a gander myself. I love their monogrammed items. So self-indulgent! I can'’t imagine a more tasteful gift than a monogrammed tray, which, at $135 would make a great wedding gift for someone dear to your heart.

Speaking of dear to your heart (well, my heart, he better not be dear to your heart or I'’m coming after you), Hi-C took me on a date last night. We pretended, in the silly, child-like way that we do things, it was a first date. We both went out and got new outfits (and he even got a bottle of cologne!) for the occasion. The mister has been watching his friend'’s house and pets while they are on vacation, so I hadn't seen him since Monday morning before work.
So Monday he called and asked me on a date for Wednesday, though he didn't have the details yet. I accepted. Tuesday he called with the details. Wednesday he drove across town to pick me up to take me back to near his point of origination at 7:30, looking and smelling quite nice. . . with flowers, chocolates and wine in hand! And off to dinner we went, and we talked like people do on dates for several hours. He was dog watching last night, too, so he dropped me off at the door, kissed me good night and drove away. What a crush I have on my husband! What a great way to remind ourselves of the sparks that fly.

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