And then there was one. . .

Mipmup commented to point out Lori Joy Smith's delightfully playful blog and store. Her plates are too cute, and at $30 cdn are perfect for dressing up a table or hanging on a wall. Can you imagine getting a hand stitched card in your mailbox? A handstitched card is a gift in itself. Too sweet!

So that leaves one lonely package, waiting to fly through fluffy, happy clouds to its new home. One lonely little package. Please help it find its way before the new contest starts in another week!

This weekend the man and I went on a mission to find extra shelves for the kitchen. We aren't gourmands by any stretch, but we both sure do like to make a mess in the kitchen. So an extra bit of counter and several shelves seemed necessary to fit all the beautiful pieces of cookware we received for wedding gifts.

I'd found some metal and frosted glass shelves on CB2 that were about $100 each and would've worked if we got 2. Not a bad solution, but they were back-ordered and it is past time to get the mounds of nice gifts we got out of the gift boxes and into function.

Off to Lowe's we went, and found this metro shelving bakers rack for $38 on clearance. It was the display unit, so we didn't even have to put it together.

That wasn't the only bargain this weekend. To the left of the bakers rack you can see my newest love of a plant that set me back a mere $8: a mule's ear kalanchoe. If you are familiar with Mother of Thousands, this is its bigger cousin. Each leaf is about as long as my forearm and 5 inches across. Like Mother of Thousands, it grows little babies up the sides of its leaves. It was (along with a gigantic Elephant Ear, also $8) my birthday present to myself. We had people over for a costume/birthday celebration, and they all went home with fairly good sized starts from it. The gift that keeps on giving, and not in the bad way!


Anonymous said...

If you're not familiar with the work Sharilyn Wright, you have to check out her site LovelyDesign.com (http://lovelydesign.com/lovely_products_new.html). Simple and beautiful - I want one of everything!

Anonymous said...

I love shopping at Lowes. They always have the bestest deals.