There are still two prizes seeking new homes. . . international is a-ok, folks! Don't be turned off at the geared towards kids thing, if you have a sense of playfulness, you, too will be entertained, and who doesn't love mail? So, what do you do to get a surprise in the mail? Simply leave a comment, with a link to your very favorite artist's shop. I'll share the shop with my readers (hey mom!) and everybody wins! Take a look at yesterday's suggestions:

Auntiem linked us over to Aimee Ray's (aka Merwing's) store Little Dear,
Ariane showed us small things designs.

Both of these stores have incredible, colorful, and memorable imagery to offer. I want one of Aimee's fat cats, too, Auntiem! How can you resist that little tail?!?! And that green rooster pendant at small things has my name written all over it. So simple, and so unique.