The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Check out the guest blog from Maria over on Design*Sponge. Her guest blogging has been dedicated to cheap art for the home. That is the Good. . . The Very GOOD.

The Bad making you squeamish? It is me. Its officially fall here. The weather is sweltering one day, too hot for jeans, and chilly the next, too cold for shorts. Me, I love the chilly side, but I'm sitting in an office of sick people, praying I don't get an early cold like the rest of them. What does it mean long term, though? Like the germs spread in preschool, when the sick boss comes by and borrows my pen, he's also giving me the cold that will cycle through the office for the rest of the winter. BAD BOSS, VERY BAD BOSS.

The Ugly? People have nominated Target Pharmacy prescription bottles and sideways corduroys for the People's Choice Design Awards at the Cooper-Hewitt Site. The good news? Fate is in your hands. . .go. vote. now. You don't need to vote for the staunchy, over-intellectualized design, but please don't leave your good taste at the door.
(Consider it good practice for November '08!)

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