The past few days I was heavily menstrual, which meant a very unproductive weekend around the house and the garden. But I got a couple images scanned in and posted to Flickr. I am putting together coloring books for adults, heavily patterned mod-ish style doodles that are more challenging than Mickey Mouse's Day Out. I've been testing them out on Charlie, who seems to be as hooked on coloring them as I am on drawing them, so I've had 100% success with my test market! His color choices have amazed me, and we're piling up what he does and we may just frame some for ourselves!
But loving, friendly readers. I know you're out there! Save the image to your desktop, print it out, color it in, and let me know what you think. I would especially love to see some posted on Flickr. . . but no pressure.
By October I should have the hand-bound 15 image coloring books together and posted here and on etsy. Perforated pages for your own coloring and framing frenzy!
More images here.

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