In a few moments I will go and pull the last squash plant out. It has vine borers. I hadn't noticed earlier. There were wilting little squash about 2 inches long and shriveled up like prunes. Still the right color, but obviously not getting what it needed. Then I noticed the undersides of half a dozen leaves crawling with little baby bugs, what I had thought were mites were actually hatchlings of those vicious hateful bugs. I doused them good with the organic insecticide that has gotten me through the summer, squishing the 1 adult sized bug that I saw. The little ones writhed in pain. At the very base of the stalk I saw the signs of borers. I know I have to do it or I will just prolong the pain. So in a few moments out it goes. I had so much hope in it, though.


Unknown said...

Ugh... that sucks. I had to do that earlier this summer, so I feel your pain. :(

You sound like you're familiar with the squash vine borers, but just in case you need some more "preventative" tips here's a link to the OSU extension service fact sheet:

I don't even know if you're in Ohio, but it's good info... I'm going to try some of the measures next year and keep a better eye on the vines. My BF will be extremely happy if we can grow pumpkins for jack o'lanterns next year. :)

vintagechica said...

Oh nooooo! We were victims of the dreaded squash bugs too. We did get a few yellow squash and lots of acorn squash before they just did the poor plants in. We just pulled ours up this week and started all over again for the fall. Thank goodness for second chances!