House Organizing Project #1

Get seeds organized and in one place. Its not so easy when you collect and trade seeds. I have found seeds in bowls put away in the kitchen, seeds in packets in my drawers drawer, seeds in miscellaneous plastic containers, seeds in the yoga room. . . and a couple packs of seeds where they belong.

Problem: I am chronically disorganized. I know where everything is, its just a mess. Ask my friends.
Effect: There is no way possible for me to get things done efficiently, including mailing bills off (thanks to e-bill, that's no longer a huge problem). Hell, I don't even know who's birthday is when, and that never really goes over too well, now does it?

The scenario: Baby steps to progress. This is more of a philosophy than a solution.

Project: Old paperback book that Wolfie ate: Astronomical Terms (This kills the proverbial 2 birds by allowing me to use what should have been trash a long time ago to make something pretty and interesting), masking tape, scavenger hunt for seeds, and something to put them all in (maybe a pretty cardboard photo box? Maybe a photo album to slide seed packs in? hmmm, this will be the fun part, I can already tell)

Numero Uno: This step can be to make the seed storage packets, find the seeds, or simply dream up your own strategy. (Remember the chronically disorganized traits I carry, you didn't expect me to miraculously absolve a lifelong habit in one blog did you?)

Numero Dos: Okay, lets say you gathered all of your seeds together for step 1. Now you want to make packets for the seeds. You can go for simple, slightly more complex (ie. get out the scissors), or very complex (scissors not required, but folding coordination is). This is all based on how much time you have and how involved you are ready to get. Is this a short term relationship for instant gratification, or are you seeking long term enjoyment with reciprocal benefits? Oh the wonders of fondling your very own extensive seed collection. *sigh*
The key to this organization strategy is to label and date the year the seeds were harvested or originally packed. This is important and not to be skipped. Which brings me to:

Numero Tres: Label and date your seeds. Beware: seeds have limited viability, so you might need to do a germination test.

Numero Cuatro: Slip them in an orderly fashion into your photo album. However, for some people to stay organized they need a bit of disorganization (I learned this from my Aunt Jann, an ADD coach down in ol' New Orleans). If this is you, opt for the photo box and throw all the packs in there. You'll have a happy little display of chaos every time you add new seeds to the mix. For me, I need labels, structure, rigidity, and rules. For my own sanity and possible steps to recovery, I will stick with the photo album where I can slide the seeds into the pockets in alphabetical order. Or maybe I'll stick to emotive order for the time being. Alphabetical may just be too much organization for one day.


vintagechica said...

Thanks so much for the photo album idea! Fabulous! Im also going to try to make some packets for the first time. Ive been meaning to try them for some time, but just havent...maybe this month!!!

Blogging Masterclass said...

WOW I am so flattered that you link to my blog. Thank you so much. I have a special logo that is a lot more clear if you'd like it - just email me and I'll send it to you! :)