free junk, let the purging begin

Hey Guys--
I'm doing a bit of purging and have the following books I thought I'd offer:
Macrobiotic Diet
]The Vegan Cookbook
Simply Vegan
Unmarried to Each Other--incredible guide for partners not recognized as "legal." explains and reiterates the validity of partnership. which is followed by the other end of the spectrum:
What No One Tells the Bride--good advice for the soon-to-be-married
The Grooms Guide: Almost Everything a Man Needs to Know--i didn't read this one, my aunt gave it to "us" and the he in us was in charge of that info. i'm thinking he never read it.
and since we're going in the love, marriage, order,
Piece of Cake-- is a good one about sexual exploration. covers everything a woman ever needs to know, not just for heteros either.
How to Be Good--good mindless fluff reading, fiction

aside from the books, i have back issues of Ready Made and Home and Garden. Those I'll pack up 3 at a time and send out. post here what you want or email me. I'll take titles down as they are claimed and just delete this if everything is taken. Otherwise I'll send 'em to the thrift store in a couple weeks, I suppose!

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mipmup. said...

i'd love any of these: macrobiotic diet, the vegan cookbook or simply vegan. i'll trade ya for something - just let me know if you're looking for something in particular!