Browns Abound

I love a surprise. Even more than that, I love a surprise in the mail, even if I have to pay for it myself. So, how does one buy a surprise for themselves? Click on over to Contemporary Cloth and order a 2 pound surprise bag of fabric remnants. They are $27.oo and you receive approximately 7 yards of fabric. The remnants are described as being about 1/2 yard or longer and include Marimekko remnants (which was the clincher for me). They are similar in selection to Repro Depot, of which I often hear accolades.
Back to the remnant bag. I ordered mine yesterday, so I should get it early next week. I hope!
Another option is the local thrift store. The Value Village stores around here sell bags of fabric for about $2 per garbage bag. I also found a half of a roll of brown swirl upholstery weight fabric there for about $6. Wolfie now calls it his, since I used it to make his bed. . . and a chair cushion, and several cafe aprons as well as a multitude of other sewing projects. I still have it on the tube, though, because there is still a ton to go around.
Those kinds of bargains are rare, but I'm browsing around the online stores for a suitable fabric for a bedskirt and curtains.
We decided to move the bedroom to what is now the yoga room/plant incubator. The bedroom is currently the master bedroom which is long and relatively narrow with 2 oddly placed doors preventing a queen bed, desk and dresser to be arranged in a pleasing fashion. The current set up has a lot of empty space. The idea is to use the master bedroom for the looms and for yoga (which actually makes sense, weaving is very meditative and requires a great deal of physical balance and good posture). This will clear up the dining room, which currently houses the new/old china hutch and my 2 four foot LeClerc floor looms. The arrangement is all within a 10 by 10 room, which, needless to say, is not an arrangement that is conducive to either dinner parties or weaving. This is also why I haven't posted any images of the cabinet in place and displaying our Mottehedeh Tree dinnerware.
Anything for a good excuse to ignore the mounds of paper that surround me at work as I dream of new curtains and surf new fabric prints. I wrote the above paragraphs prior to lunch, checked on over at Decor8 when I got back, and lo and behold, Holly had posted about Purl. Augh! Tons of great fabrics, and they have a very similar surprise element: color coordinated fabric bundles. Look, maybe they are destined to choose my color palette for the bedroom. Is there such a thing as too much brown?

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