Aural Bliss for August

Just who are the Awesome Cool Dudes? Musicians that will keep your booty shaking, and the house rocking through the mundane daily tasks of domestic upkeep (A little bit of effort to keep the theme rolling). This is not an album to put you to sleep or make you want to close yourself in a dark room for weeks at a time. And if you listen to the lyrics you'll laugh yourself silly. Really, I can't think of a better album for summer time cook outs.

Think Fred Schneider writing lyrics for They Might Be Giants to sing to the tune of a Debbie Gibson album. Okay, if that doesn't sound hip enough but you keep The Frequency on rotate in your stereo, you'll eject that cd in a heartbeat for this one. Or you should.

But don't do it for me, do it for them. Find out why here.

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