Tasty Cream

What a great find! I don't know how I happened upon it, but the Corolla Cream Online Market is apparently dishing out the goods at fairly reasonable prices. This little planter is precious, and reasonable even after currency conversion, but I had problems with the website. I wonder if it is firefox, my own ineptness, or the site. Whichever reason it is, it has saved me from another impulse purchase. They even have an online flea market on Wednesdays and Sundays. Seems those are the days to let your fingers do the shopping.
I bid on a few too many things last night after half a bottle of wine. Its a good thing I had a birthday party to go to or I am sure I would've bid on a whole lot more.
As newly weds we have all this great stuff to get us started, but nowhere to put it where it would be safe from the dogs and cats. At least that is how I rationalized bidding on a Scandinavian china hutch on eBay! I'll find out if I get it this evening, but I'm not counting on it. We have gotten some great deals on furniture thrifting, but eBay just doesn't seem to be that great for deals anymore. Beyond that, you have to double check the sellers to make sure they aren't running a scheme. Augh, burned too many times that way.
Part of the fun has been searching out Worcester Ware metal trays. I have an oh-so mod blue one, and apparently there is a purple version and a red one. Last summer I entertained about 15 friends once a week, had them over for dinner and drinks. Almost as much fun as the entertaining part (my old-before-my-time way to stay in touch with friends without having to go out to a hipster bar and pretend to be interested in having conversations with people from the past!) is the presentation, boy do these trays present. The coaster versions are pictured, the trays are amply sized for a pitcher and 4 glasses.
Too bad Decor8 posted her guide to color coordination so recently. The kitchen is a mess of colors, no coordination there. But that is exactly why these coasters will be perfect. And shhh. The prices for this stuff is still in my price range. Too bad I can't say the same for most Vera stuff and Marimekko!
So back on the thriftiness kick, my brother and sister-in-law gave us a pile of tomatoes last night. Those in addition to ones from our garden and the ones the cute lady next door gave us, we'll have enough tomato sauce to last us for the next year. I'm really digging canning in tiny jars for several reasons: 1) you can share a little more, 2) better portions and you don't have to worry about eating, oh say, pickled okra every day until the quart is gone, and 3) they're just friggin cute. So far I've put up a pint and 4 mini-jars (what size are those??) of pickles and the jam I posted about earlier.
We'll just have to wait and see how long the intrigue with this prairie lifestyle lasts!

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vintagechica said...

Im so glad to have found your blog! And Im laughing at your last line about the prairie lifestyle. I often feel the same way and then snap back into reality. Off to check out your archives!