Next year be thorough

Okay, I've fallen into the trap. . . I got really excited about planting things and now. . .no idea what I planted or where. So what am I supposed to do in the flower bed?
Let it all grow and see what blooms. I've been leaving the clover and pulling the grass. Almost everything else stays until I can tell what it is. And also for future reference: I'm not sure if my primroses went to seed or if they are surrounded by little baby dandelions. They look too friggin much alike.
But, last week I planted sunflower seeds and they are coming up beautifully. Have I recorded this concept before? The front flower bed is a big ol' mess of the "just put it in the ground" philosophy. I put a couple random squash seeds in there, the sunflowers some tomatoes, lavender, just squooshed it all in the space I had to fill it in rather messily and, well, fully. This seemed to be the only way I could stop looking at plants in garden centers and dreaming of where they would go in the flower beds. I really want to make it pretty for all 4 seasons, and if I had the time and the boredom to get there, I would easily fill it in with Spring and Summer blooms. But also, the veggies seem to be a better reminder for me to water the area, which the seeds seem to be appreciating. And with all the rain we've been getting, remembering to water has been. . . minimal.
Thank goodness for rain and messy brains.

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