Keeping track. . .

Before I forget to mention it for future reference. . . the touch-me-nots and mexican petunias both sprang back up from last year's experimental planting. I put them near the house in the area I concentrated on then, but with the dogs gave up on everything. Though with the cooler weather they came back, along with the peony, yarrow, sedum (Autumn Joy), balloon flowers, and white coneflowers. It was kind of mind boggling because those pups are pretty hard on the land with their playing and rough housing. The supposedly perennial Black Magic elephant ear and an ornamental plum (that was ripped from its roots thanks to an over exuberant puppy wanting a stick), however, did not make it back.

The rest of the tomatoes are up on the garage roof. It is hot and dry up there, so I'll have to keep my eyes on them. The figs are ripening, the banana has 7 little babies, and Charlie counted 18 tomatoes coming in on the Better Boy and Brandywine plants. We've got minuscule cukes and okra, and the eggplants are blooming like crazy. We've eaten a couple of radishes right out of the garden, figs off the trees and strawberries off their bushy little plants. Each bite is a reminder of what the wait is all for. The radishes were incredibly spicy because they didn't get enough water initially (I guess), but this is my first try with radishes, so its yet another experiment.

The white flies have attacked but I have maintained control with my all-purpose homemade neem concoction. I also used this do-it-all spray on the eggs of cabbage loopers, there must've been 50+ eggs. Took those out, after the loopers took a cabbage and most of a broccoli out. GRRRR.

Yesterday I went on a journey and picked up 3 heavy duty syrup barrels to make into rain barrels. It was 96 or so, I was soaked in sweat by the time I got back. Even with the high 90s temperatures I haven't had to water the garden in several days. I'll water today though. We're getting more rain on Thursday. . . we missed all the Spring rain, so I guess its catching up to us!
This is actually one of the few summers I remember where I haven't heard warnings and pleas for water conservation.

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