Something is Fishy

Upon the advice of my sister in law, I went and picked up a $6 bottle of fish emulsion. A couple of things have happened in the garden this week, but I have had the glorious experience of a 3 day headache accompanied by that wondrous marbles in my throat feeling. I've been eating crap food, allergy season is upon us, and well, I could've been just plain getting sick. One of those (or all three) may have been the culprit; I won't really know until the coffee kicks in and the numbness subsides.
So to follow the temperatures (Monday thru Thursday, today, respecively): 87, 90, 93, 97. Tuesday I put the fish emulsion down, which means on July 11 I should repeat the process. I saw my neighbor out watering her garden (crammed with plants, CRAMMED) which has been a spot of envy for me for the last 2 months or so. She was not kidding about watering her plants, either. No hose attachment for her, she just aims the hose and lets the water pour on into the soil. Maybe deep watering is the trick?
Everything has been coming up nicely, just not lush yet. And the peppers haven't done anything. They haven't died, but they haven't grown, either. They're just chillin, hanging out in the dirt. Bob said his peppers don't really take off until it cools down a bit. Maybe he was just saying that to make me feel better? But if Bob ever said ANYTHING to make me feel better, it would be a moment he was using just to earn a point to get to heaven. Nothing out of niceness for me. . . but thats why we love Bob. He's something else!
A couple of weeks ago I bought some cypress and holly bushes. They are all dead now. I think its the plants from Lowes. I'm pretty sure it was the Lowe's dirt that took half my house plants out, and now: $60 of dead plants.

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