Blooming Bananas Batman!

Yesterday I noticed the dwarf cavendish has started to bloom! I'm torn now that the initial excitement has worn off, several things will happen. One is that i planted it near a gutter drain off so it stays nice and damp. But it is between the figs and mahonia, 2 of my many favorites. I didn't consider all the suckers it will send up and I don't know how competitive it will be for root space?
And also, once the tree fruits, the stalk will die back; a bloom halts leaf production for banana trees. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
Today we are expecting thunderstorms, low 80s, which is considerably cooler than it has been.

I got some super cheap decorative windowboxes to transplant the last of my tomatoes. . .
Holy Cannoli, I have a lot of tomatoes. So these, the Pomodoro Romas are now planted in some super cute, hopefully not too flimsy window boxes set out on the garage roof. I went ahead and mixed some Espoma Plant Tone in the soil and used styrofoam peanuts for additional drainage. Keeping fingers crossed!

The figs are coming along, too. There have been a couple ripe ones so far, but we've either eaten them or the birds have. I will usually leave a couple super ripe ones on the bushes and it seems the birds will eat off the same one until there is nothing left of it and then move on to another. I hope I didn't just curse my luck with that!

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