Its gettin' hot down south

Today it was around 90, tomorrow low 90s and the same the next day.
I went to Lowes to get a Meyer Lemon for Charlie's birthday (a little remembrance of Portugal), put it in a pot and forgot the friggin dirt!
How I will hide that til Monday, well, I don't really know.
I got a bunch of herbs for half off as well. . . $1 a piece and got garlic chives, sage, parsley, and something without a tag that smells like curry. I worked a good bit in the heat, sweating up a storm in my shorts and dirty tee shirt, looking hot as hell for the similarly filthy construction workers across the street. [The last sentence was a fine example of sarcasm.] I put a holly bush in there, sort of lining the wooded island of weeds between our house and Steven's condo with sticky, pointy, sharp and hopefully human repellent plants. What do I have to do to get them to understand that my yard is not their dog park?
But I definitely dug into the dirt with no qualms and my hands are stained black. In need of a shower. My odor is remniscent of onions.
Speaking of onions! I need to figure out when to harvest those bad boys, they gotta be ready soon!
I also took some of the large pots Lydia threw on the wheel and buried them just enough so they won't knock over. I'm going to plant them up, but. . . I forgot the friggin dirt. How could I think about gardening without thinking about dirt??

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