Getting Nosey

I noticed the peacock orchids (Acidanthera) are already sticking their noses up!
I read on Dave's Garden that they propogate readily and the original intention was to put them on the condo side of the fence. So If they do well, maybe I will still do that.
They would be pretty on the side of the garage, too. I need something over there that will spread rapidly and grow easily. However, I would be very uncomfortable working over there due to Larry's leering.
The guys building the condos behind us work early and leave early, so it has been hard to catch them to ask about letting us salvage waste lumber and excavated rocks. Charlie caught up with one of them the other day and he okayed it, so it looks like we will have a midnight lumber sale in the very near future!
Today it should hit the low 80s and they are calling for thunderstorms. This is good, because my plants are really enjoying the water they have been getting, although Mr Square Foot the Book doesn't recommend so much water. I have been really watching my watering and watering about a cup a day has made everything take off and start growing like crazy chil'rens. The horse manure has helped a bit, I'm sure. The carrots have doubled in size, the peppers, okra and tomatillos seemed stumped for a good while, but now they are shooting for the sky, but not in the bolting kind of way. . .in the happy to be alive kind of way!
After the neem to rid the veggies of aphids, the tomatoes yellowed badly. I thought I had burned, and subsequently killed them. I gave them a good dose of water and crossed my fingers. Now they are back to bright green! I pulled off the branches that looked the worst and you can't even tell they looked so ragged.

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