Whoa, seems I get my period more often than I post these days.

We've been busy with growing up (preschool graduation is about the cutest thing ever), redoing bedrooms (he may not sleep there, but F needs a room where he can keep his toys), and generally fun house projects.

I've been working on myself, it's a hard thing to stay healthy while your mind is consumed with keeping others healthy. The gym is now a regular part of my life and I'm more hell-bent on growing chem-free vegetables for our single-income family.

I have a continual and new (yes, it's possible; every 10 minutes it hits me like a new thought) sense of awe for all those stay-at-home-parents; we have 2 darling kiddos and it's entirely exhausting.

...for all of us!


ashley said...

Admire you so much for taking on all of this. There's no greater gift you can give those kiddos than your nurturing, attentive self. (And who's that hand model? Phweet phwew!)

Misti said...

I have one and I can't (and can) imagine staying home. It is definitely exhausting!