Still making progress despite 6 inches of snow (no quick trips to the hardware store) and my week down with the stomach flu (C on full-time kid duty). The image just below was the plan. Then we realized a slide-in or drop-in stove would double or triple the cost of what was already in-the-distant-future stove. THEN... the snow melted and C schlepped the kids across town to Ikea, only to find out the oak butcher block counters we were counting on have been discontinued.

So I guess we can just nix that mock up. We're thinking of doing polished concrete instead, but adding another DIY to the to-do list, 2 young and energetic kids (meaning there's only 1 person who can work on the overhaul at a time), and the house being in shambles...Let's just say I'm not so sure about that.

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