The Fix or Replace Daily: Internet Edition

Last weekend our modem was on the fritz. We did all the typical rebooting and it worked for a few days, puttered out mid-week, repeated rebooting and started looking into getting it replaced. Mind you, over the past month our oven went out and we were discussing whether to fix it or replace it. We could fix it for about $40 but the whole thing new was somewhere around $200.  We have a counter top convection oven that has assisted nicely while we thought about what would be our best decision. A couple weeks prior our upstairs furnace stopped working. This, we knew, could be fixed for about $50 rather than being replaced for hundreds of dollars. Then, shortly after the modem-spasms started, the 30-ish year old dishwasher lost its oomph. With all the home cooking we do, 2 days without a dishwasher meant every single nook in the kitchen was piled high with dirty dishes. The dishwasher had to be replaced.

Let's recap our list of broken electronics: Modem, Furnace, Oven, Dishwasher.

Charlie put in a call to Windstream and they told him we'd have to pay $75 for a new modem. Well, we paid about $85 a month for a land line and Internet, so an extra $75 to waste time was a hefty price knowing we had another big purchase to make. Plus, without the Internet, our bill would go down to $25 a month.

C and I sort of already resented ourselves for how much TV we watched (thanks to Netflix...another $10 a month), and neither of us relies on the Internet for work. We have access at work and on our phones, so it wasn't entirely nuts for us to discuss the option of getting rid of the Internet at home.  That, plus the money-saving math, plus the series I'd just read for adults on Project-Based Homeschooling (no, I don't homeschool, I just think Lori has an incredibly smart outlook on leading a purposeful family life, yes, I do realize the irony that I had to read something on the Internet to push me towards this) made the decision fairly easy to nix the 'net.

There you have it: no home Internet and a new phase of home life that I hope will lead to deep investigation, creativity, and finding self-purpose. I'm not sure what will happen, but I'm sure it will end up here!


Lori said...

wow! i feel honored being included in this drive for change — i hope it turns out amazing! :)

mjb said...

It's funny you're communicating this change online :) My sister just moved somewhere where internet is in limited supply and I was explaining to my mom how we NEED it and that wouldn't be an option for us. I'm curious to see how your choice works out! (The other thing is my sister doesn't work outside the home so she doesn't have it there or the option for cable) but they have a hotspot now.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

I know, I feel funny about writing about it online! We don't have cable, but did hook up the TV antenna (which is what we used before netflix). I'm sort of wondering if I should blog on paper/scan it and post it at work! We are super slow at work these days, so I can play around, not sure how much of a void I'll "feel" when work is busy again and I don't have a chance to browse!