explore, investigate, gather, hone, stitch, strength, resolve, process, respect, responsibility, transparency, gentleness...

What word I should I carry with me through 2014? I'm clueless, I'm not even sure what word described 2013 for me. Though parenthood is one of my greatest and most rewarding achievements (motherhood is an exhausting daily delight), I also know I need to be a bit more selfish...put on the oxygen mask first so I can have the strength to help others. Selfishness is not the usual resolution for a mother of 2, but is perhaps the word I need to focus on first.

I do have a fun resolution: hosting 1 dinner party a month. It will give me a chance for fun in the kitchen, the need to deep clean the house, as well as a bit more of a social life. I'll also get to use the opportunity to base a meal around the fresh ingredients we're growing in our yard. And who knows? Maybe some new art will come out of it, flowing from the connection of plant to plate on through the pen.

What did you achieve in 2013? What do you hope to see/feel/grow into in 2014?

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