We're gettin all crafty up in here

We're getting in the spirit of holidays around our house, and M and I have been crafting up a storm in the afternoons. It occurred to me that we're going to have an abundance of snowmen (a few were made for loved ones as little gifts to give to kick off the season at Thanksgiving), so I was brainstorming a way to use them.

It didn't take long (probably aided by that extra cup of coffee) to realize we could list them in the shop, sell them, and give the proceeds to Little Sugar Creek Community Garden! We need a shed, I have an abundance of quirky, festive snowmen, and you have an extra $10 to spare?  The sale of one ornament will buy us 2 2 x 4s with a little extra going into buying paint, exterior wood, and hardware.

Our grow/share garden is in dire need of a shed. Last year someone jumped the giant fence, stole nearly all of our tools, and tried to steal our picnic table (too heavy?). To describe the current building as a shed is generous. It's a plastic contraption with a roof over the top, but the doors have fallen off and lean propped up against the front. The plastic-ness prevents us from being able to replace hinges and get the doors back on. There's simply no way to secure the tools. 

Okay, so maybe you don't need a snowman? Well, we're hosting a workshop in December: Drafting ornaments from the garden. I made a few prototypes from materials from my own front yard to show what we will be making: pine cone Christmas trees, and tiny grapevine and rosemary wreaths  We'll have all sorts of festive, shimmery ways to decorate your ornament, as well as gardening chatter and all around merriment. The workshop is $8, and as soon as I have more details I'll fill you in!

Not in Charlotte? There are DIYs for similar ornaments all over the internet: pine cone trees, grapevine wreath, rosemary wreath.

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Happy Holidays!