Work Process

I thought I'd show a little bit of what goes into logo designing. This"logo" is a little different, because it's not an official logo, though. I volunteer at the Little Sugar Creek Community Garden and wanted to do a snazzy little something for it. It's on park and rec owned land, networked through Friendship Gardens, and is a teaching space for Char-Meck's Wipe Out Waste. We have 4 co-managers for the garden (I'm one), and we're all pretty laid back about how things go. That said, there wasn't as much back and forth discussion about the direction of this design as there is with other logo work.

The garden is perched inside a large fenced area beside Little Sugar Creek and the LSC Greenway. The greenway itself is part of the Carolina Thread Trail. I drew inspiration from the gate, pathway and creek to form the shape and lettering.

Currently the garden is swimming in marigolds, a natural garden pest repellent. I thought marigolds capture the essence of how we garden (organically).

I wasn't crazy about the marigolds solo, so I decided to try something else. One of the crops that sets us apart from other area gardens is the hops trellis. The hops, thanks to garden co-manager Daan, are going bonkers, so this image was in celebration of them. Then Kathy, another co-manager, suggested marigolds and hops together.

The result is a colorful abundance of marigolds and hops, a logo/banner I'm quite proud of.

Looking for a logo? See some other designs I've made here. If you're interested, I'm available!

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