Playin' around

Don't tell anyone, but I secretly want to design playgrounds. Not your typical park playgrounds, but natural ones that are equal parts gardening and exploration; ones that use nature as the play structure. Best I can tell, you need a degree in landscape design to do it professionally and I don't really have the want to head back to school for another degree. Somewhere in the back of my mind I can hear my dad saying, "I told you you should've studied landscape architecture." Not that he'd ever actually say that to me.

Of course, this could be the talk of the massive amount of caffeine running through my system.

Some outdoor-based blogs:
Let the Children Play
Natural Learning Initiative (from NCSU)
Natural Montessori Playgrounds
Our Days are Just Filled
Playscapes (and her spot on Dwell about building natural playscapes)

Other inspiration
Nature's Playground
Open source based PlaygroundIDEAS


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ashley said...

If you designed dog parks, too, we would go ... (And maybe never leave!)