Going Mobile

Last week Charlie and I faced the realization that Fox is just about to outgrow the bassinet. We haven't put much effort into planning a nursery for him, just kinda went with the "cross that bridge" mentality. I guess it's time to cross that bridge.

Over the weekend we bought an Ikea Sniglar crib which is now set up in our room. It will stay there for a few months, maybe longer. I like keeping my babies close by while we sleep. The downside to that closeness is that we don't have visually stimulating decor for an infant.

A mobile seems like the perfect quick fix for that! Between daycare and his toys at home, Fox gets plenty of baby-themed visuals: the Winnie the Pooh mobile on his swing, plastic animal-themed noise makers on the baby bouncers, and the Non-sters thing that I never imagined he would love so much! Instead of another set of plush toys floating overhead, I've been thinking a mobile with a bit more graphic interest might serve him well.

A few of my favorites: 1. The Alison Show leather triangle mobile; 2. Flensted Regatta; 3. Baby Jives Co. Gold Star Cloud; Flensted Abstract Futura (small size).

Do you have a favorite?

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mjb said...

I like the sailboat one a lot! That was the "theme" of Will's nursery, although I don't really like themes.