Winter to Spring

It's not so easy to put a picture of myself online, but I also don't want to hide behind cute pictures of Mabel (though I think they're far more interesting than pics of me). I don't look in full length mirrors very often, so sitting in front of one for an hour and a half (yes, it takes that long for me to get a hair cut) provides a rare opportunity for self-scrutiny, but here I am in the car post hair cut.

Not only am I simplifying our "stuff" and purging the studio, I'm shedding my own layers in preparation for the addition of the new branch on our family tree. I had well over a foot of hair cut off! A literal weight has been lifted and I'm ready for another weekend of house preparations. Out with old winter drab, and in with a cool and fresh spring!


Aesthetic Outburst... said...

You look absolutely beautiful!!!! Oh, and I miss you!!!! xoxoxo

ashley said...

That's my beautiful sister!