Simply Simple

For about a week I was reading The Architecture of Happiness, but after a slow day at work, clicking through a long list links I read about the book me to Simplicity Parenting. The closer we get to 32" due date, the more we've been trying to create a comfortable transition for M. That book sounded like just the approach we could use: one of emotional support, without trying to control the natural emotions M is feeling. I bought the book and have been reading little blurbs to Charlie ever since.

A few points that stuck out: 

  • Don't let your fears for your child outweigh your hopes.
  • When it's hardest to want to show your child love is when they need it most. (And when it seems nearly impossible, call their favorite aunt, grandma or grandpa and get them to list all of the things that make your child so especially lovably special until your ears fall off from sweetness. Then go love on that kid.)
  • Sometimes we all need to be grounded. . . as in "getting our feet firmly back on the ground" and away from excess stress, stuff, and whatever else overwhelms.
PS: I think Bluebird Baby covers simplicity parenting at its best, lovely pictures and all.  

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ashley said...

I don't claim to be the favorite aunt, but regardless, I'll be standing by with a great big list. ;)