Tales of a bored lady and a paint brush

I'd like to blame Charlie, if at all possible, for leaving me home and bored.  Our upstairs bathroom, since redoing it 4 1/2 years ago, had some issues that needed addressing: towel hooks falling out of the wall, the flat paint was a bad choice and the humidity caused some superficial cracking...
Yesterday C took the little one out to play for several hours at one of those kid-ertainment places, and I grabbed the gray purple paint from the downstairs bathroom and headed upstairs.

I removed the hooks and a small wall-mount shelf, plastered over the holes and painted around all the edges. At that point my hips were so mad at me, I decided a little break was in order. Said break resulted in a trip to the hardware store for a new shower head.

If a nap doesn't knock me over first, I'll finish the painting today and snap a picture. I'm already bracing myself for critique. There are a few things I already know:

As is the case with any of our re-do projects, one new thing makes all the older choices look dingy. The purple looks decent enough, but the change from the beige made me realize the shower grout looks dirty. The new paint doesn't quite match the gray tiles in the shower, which bothers me, but not C.  It does, however, look pretty decent with the shower curtain, we'll just pretend I didn't buy a new, solid white, waffle weave shower curtain for this bathroom several weeks ago.

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