Bathroom Bliss

Two of the mirrors I liked were from Ikea (top left and bottom right), the shield shape is from Umbra,
and the triptych is a clearance mirror from Restoration Hardware.
I'm still, miraculously, focused on the bathroom, determined to stay the course until all is finished. With full intention I'm repeating to myself that I will not let the minute details pass as acceptable. I'm not sure if that's a realistic expectation with a curious 3 year old as my supervisor, but we'll see. What's done, you say? The beadboard is up and painted, the walls are mostly painted (except for a couple problem areas, i.e. gaping medicine cabinet hole), the moulding over the beadboard needs caulking and a last coat of paint, a few pieces of baseboard need to be added and painted, doors and jambs need painting, and the oddly shaped door to the basement needs to be rehung so it's straight and closes properly. The P trap on the sink is missing a piece, but the sink is otherwise installed (as is the potty). Yep, yours truly installed the faucet!

With those things to-do, the end still seems quite distant, but I've been obsessing my days away over finishing touches for after all is painted and prettied up.

The sink and faucet were much less than I'd anticipated, so I splurged on a mirror from Restoration Hardware. It was on clearance and also on sale beyond that, and still came in at $123. It took a lot of consideration before I decided to splurge. (Um, yeah, I know a good mirror can cost way more than that, but I was *almost* as happy with a $50 Ikea mirror, so spending that much more was a big decision.) The mirror also meant my budget for the functional pieces of the bathroom was lower than I'd anticipated.

We need a towel bar, storage for toilet paper,  a step stool for the little ones (to climb onto the potty or up to the sink), a washable rug, and a trash can. Also, while not a need, I wanted some art for the walls and hand towels that aren't stained with paint or ridden with holes. While baskets are pretty for things like t.p. storage, I could only imagine the worst when it comes to potty training a boy and having any sort of porous material near the potty. Thankfully, I had an unused 2.5 gallon glass jar that will work like a charm and tuck unobtrusively to the side of the rear of the toilet. We already have a Treela waste can from Umbra that will fit right in. I also have Cougher, a silkscreen by Jeremy Taylor that has been in it's packaging since it arrived from Virginia. In my twisted sense of humor, it seems perfectly suited to hang by a sink.

Today I'll do the caulking, painting the trim and doors, and maybe get that P trap fixed. Tomorrow? Looks like the right day for a trip to Ikea!

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ashley said...

Your RH mirror is beautiful. Good thoughts on the step-stool and nonporous items near the potty -- I can vouch for the necessity of that firsthand!