Corporate Accolades

I do a lot of corporate chastising on this blog, so I feel it's only right to do a little bit of back patting as well. I saw some "handmade looking" birds on Zulily* this morning tagged with the brand Silvestri! (the exclamation point is part of the brand name.)
I was a bit (okay, fine, a lot) suspicious about how closely they look like Ann Wood birds, so I sent Ms Wood a tweet, and guess what? They're totally legit, licensed products! Way to go Demdaco/Silvestri! It's uplifting to see a company that recognizes and pays for good design.

*Note: If you click on the Zulily link, sign up for a member account, and purchase something then I will receive a credit for your signing up. If you don't want that to happen (and I totally understand that), just click here to join.

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