Sweet Little Smartie

When you drive a Smart car you get a lot of questions from strangers. They range from "How many miles a gallon do you get?" to "It's so small, don't you feel unsafe?"  First off, if I felt unsafe I wouldn't drive it, and I certainly wouldn't put my child in it. Now that's cleared up, here's how small it is.

A few months ago I bought an apple tree, pomegranate tree, 3 gallon blueberry bush, and a grape vine. The top photo was taken over my shoulder at a stop light. They're kind of shoved in there, but they fit with no damage.

Yesterday a friend sent me a note on Facebook that she'd spotted a slide on the side of the road, waiting for trash pick up.This was my view all the way home, granted I had to leave the back window open, but I got the slide home safely. It's clean and in perfect shape. Points for me and points for my sweet little hard-working Smartie, The Sippy Cup.

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Smedette said...

I love it.

Matt does most of the driving of our SmartCar, but I'm well aware of the strange looks from people that you're talking about!