Laissez Faire Food

I'm planning on an outdoorsy kind of weekend, finally getting some seeds in the ground. It's nice to look back at an area that was once English ivy and a boxwood to see it growing into an area of abundant food.


The strawberries sent out runners galore last year. This year I'm letting the runners root and will move them to another garden bed later in the season. The rhubarb has disappeared, but it might've been moved without my permission. Funnily enough I've been wondering where a purple anemone came from that popped up in the backyard near the pond. Looks like a squirrel stole the tubers from the front and transplanted them to the back. The kiwi vines seem happy enough, as does a fall planted blueberry.

The rain barrel stand is an old iron frame from a wicker chair a room mate left behind about 8 years ago. It works perfectly! The stepping stones are actually insulated glass samples we get from window reps at work. I'm mulching with old, broken terra cotta pots. I just give the pieces a smack with the shovel every once in a while to make the pieces smaller. They'll disappear soon enough.

Here's a little timeline for those of you without the patience to sit through the slide show. After ripping out the ivy I put the compost bin in the area for a few rotations. The worms moved in and tilled up the soil and I started getting to work adding plants. Somewhere along the way my focus shifted from pretty flowers to tasty foods and it became a designated perennial edible bed. 

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